Gatein Portal - Architecture


GateIn Portal

The core of the portal that makes use of all thw following components. More info here.

GateIn Common

A library to share utility classes among GateIn projects. More info here.

GateIn Portlet Container

The JSR-286 (Portlet 2.0) implementation. More info here.

GateIn Model Object for Portals (MOP)

This components brings services to manipulate portal objects (Portals, Pages, Windows...) and keep complex contexts around those. More info here.

GateIn Web Container Integration (WCI)

GateIn WCI brings the abstraction level on the underlying web container or application server. An SPI is available to adapt to various web containers. More info here.

GateIn Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)

GateIn WSRP brings the implementation of the OASIS specification for WSRP. More info here.

JBoss Identity

JBoss Identity is the natural evolution of the identity component found in earlier JBoss Portal versions, this is now a common project for JBoss. More info here.


eXo JCR is the JCR implementation made in eXo Platform. An opensource solution (LGPL) designed to scale. More info here.