GateIn Portal - JBoss + eXo FAQ


What has been announced on June 10th 2009 ?
We announced that JBoss Portal and the portal project of eXo are merging into a single project.

What does it mean for JBoss Portal 2.7 ?
All efforts for new features will be targetted toward the new joint project as it would have been for a new major version of the project, this doesn't change.

What does it mean for the Enterprise Portal Platform 4.3 ?
EPP 4.3 has been released in February 2009 and will be supported for 5 years as planned, there is no change.

What will be JBoss' responsibility ?
JBoss brings expertise on scalability, modularity, enterprise integration and middleware experience in general. By doing so it enables eXo to focus their attention on application development and administration tools.

What will be eXo's responsiblity ?
eXo brings experience in application development and UI. It will allow JBoss team to focus more on their core competencies and providing the best platform to build portals.

Why does it make sense for me ?
Either you are looking for a full fledge solution or a solid framework to build on top, JBoss or eXo will have a solution to offer.

Does it mean JBoss inherits eXo calendar, eXo knowledge suite ... ?
No, the merge project is purely about the portal.

This is exciting, I want to contribute, can I ?
Sure ! Please contact us through the forums.

Why does it start with 3.0 ?
The reason is that GateIn is the successor of eXo Portal 2.5 and JBoss Portal 2.7. A lot of components are mature or have evolved with the 3.0 release.